Printer Paper Jam | HP Printer Paper Jam

HP printers are one of the most common types of printing equipment. They are actively helpful both in our everyday life and in the office sphere. But, like any other technique, they are prone to breakage: for example, paper often starts to jam in devices. Sooner or later, most of us face printer paper jam problem: the icon lights up, and the printer refuses to print further.

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Reasons – HP Printer Paper Jam

But why in general can it arise? What to do in this situation?

How do I remove the paper myself and continue printing? Why does printer paper jam occurs? How to avoid it later? What are the main reasons for HP Printer Paper Jam?

Fix HP Paper Jam Issues

Poor Quality Paper

Besides, often the reason is merely poor quality paper or its too low or high density. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase products from trusted manufacturers with a good reputation. Chewing can also occur when a person tries to put too many sheets in the tray. Most trays have a special stop – you need to guide it when loading paper.

Malfunction in Printer

However, paper jams can be caused by a malfunction in the printer itself. Over time, on any printing equipment, the mechanism responsible for feeding and receiving the paper, the tray, wears out. The presence of malfunctioning of printers indicates that the device equally chews paper of any density and size. In this case, it is usually sufficient to replace the worn-out part with a new one.

Broken Feed Rollers

Sometimes paper jams are caused by broken feed rollers. It happens much more often than with the tray. The reason is paper dust as it sticks to the rubber or silicone surface of the rollers. As a result, they lose their properties and can no longer reliably fix the paper and feed it further to the printing mechanism.

It is usually enough to clean the rollers from the accumulated dirt. However, it should be borne in mind that this element has a somewhat fragile structure, so it is better to entrust this work to our company’s professionals.

Improper Alignment

Pay attention to the position of the paper guides. Sometimes, careless use or dropping the printer may cause them to move out of place, resulting in a problem. To solve it, you need to correct the position of the guides.

Improper Alignment HP

Also, the HP printer paper jam sensor may not work correctly in some printers. Alignment issues mostly happen if you set in the equipment settings to print on sheets of an envelope’s size and load into the A4 tray. In this case, you only need to correct the parameters.

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Common Paper Jam Causes – HP Printer

Often these failures are not very serious. For example,

  • Paper with staples, crumbs, and dust inserted HP Printer Paper jam can occur if foreign objects enter the tray along with it. Even ordinary staple clips can cause this problem.
  • Often, a person loads crumpled sheets of paper into the tray. A bent corner caught on the inside of the printer can crumple the paper so much that it directly cannot get past.

Fix #1 – HP Printer Paper Jam Error

HP Printer Paper Jam Error

Choose paper according to the technical requirements of the machine. Please do not put it in excess. Ensure that the connectors for it in length and width are installed evenly. Please do not open the paper compartment or add it while the printer is running.

Do not use drafts or deformed mint sheets. It’s recommended not to use different sizes of paper at the same time. Ensure that no foreign objects (paper clips, staples, and crumbs) fall into the tray.

Maintain printer and cartridges regularly to detect and prevent problems promptly.

Fix #2 – Printer Paper Jam Problem

Remove the cartridge and remove the jammed sheet. It is essential to do this carefully with both hands so as not to tear the paper. Pull slowly and only as it moves in the printer.

Be sure to remove all, even the smallest particles of paper, because they can provoke the issue again and even breakage in the future. Under no circumstances should you use scissors, tweezers, or other objects for this purpose – it may damage individual components and parts of the device.

After removing the paper, turn on the printer. It will most likely continue printing from the moment of the jam, repeating the same page one more time, but just in case, check if it is printed. If the print order is not saved, select the required sheets to print and click print. There are situations when you cannot pull the paper out of the printer yourself or persists. In this case, it remains to contact the service center or workshop.

HP Printer Jam Error but No Paper

Office equipment is not always happy with the stable operation; when working with devices, users encounter various failures and errors. For example, many owners face a problem when the equipment reports a paper jam, while in reality, there is no jam. Don’t let your printer down. Pick up your phone dial +1-866-869-0554 and get in touch with experts to fix HP printer paper jam error in a wink.

If, in the case of real jamming of sheets by a printing device, it is at least clear that the fact takes place and the paper needs to be removed, then with only one notification without a visible jam, users do not know what caused such a reaction of the equipment and what to do to eliminate the trouble.

HP printer paper jam support
  1. First, you need to check if there are paper residues in the device, it can be small scraps that are invisible at once, but interfere with the equipment’s full functioning. If so, here’s how to fix HP printer paper jam problem.
  2. If the actual jam does not occur, you should consider other solutions depending on the hardware error. You can try restarting printing or restarting the machine and then trying to print the document again.
  3. In some cases, the failure is a one-time, but if the problem persists, you need to deal with the error cause and elimination. Consider what can provoke this phenomenon and how to deal with it.

Most Common HP Printer Problems

The following are the most general problems faced by most of the HP printer users all around the globe. Let’s shed some light on the following common printer issues (excluding HP printer paper jam) and try to figure them out in no time.

Faded Printing

This problem sooner or later happens with almost every HP printer, and the reason for this is not a worn drum, but a clogged gap between the dispensing blade and the magnetic roller in the development unit. Again, paper dust is to blame, which mixes with the toner and hardens (cokes).

  • It is more common when the HP printers complete passing sheets more than 50,000 – 70,000 times. To restore relatively average brightness, remove the developer unit, and clean the gap with paper folded in half.
  • At first, the paper piece is complicated to walk through the gap. When you remove the primary layer of blockage, it will become easier to wire the paper. When finished, twist and check how the toner is applied to the shaft. If there are any stains, wipe the area with a dry cloth.
  • The problem is not very common, but it does occur nonetheless. If you notice that the text appears to be forked on the print, or there is something like a shadow around the letters, you need to change the drum charge.
HP Faded Print


It is a prevalent condition not only related to HP printers but other brands as well. The problem appears when we print some image on paper. We get used copies of that image elsewhere on the paper with the actual image.

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The primary reason for print ghosting – ‘the power outlet’. If you think that the power outlet is okay, check it by connecting it to another printer. If the power outlet is not the actual problem, then the only reason remains is that the drum or imaging kit is not working correctly. The time has come to retire either drum or imaging kit to resolve the problem of Ghosting.

Ink Smearing

It is an infrequent problem that a few of HP printer owners face while printing. Whenever you print an image, and it comes out of the printer, it must smudged to touch it with your hand. All you need to do to troubleshoot this problem is to replace the fuser assembly.

HP Printer Support
  • The problem is rare as well as real pain. Because repairing the fuser assembly is not the permanent solution as the problem can occur again from time to time until you finally replace it.
  • Or the problem may arise due to the defective toner cartridge because a defective toner cartridge allows too much toner to apply at a time.
  • And for the HP color laser printers, the solution is to replace the particular cartridge, which is defective, and if you are using a black and white laser printer, you will need to replace the whole toner cartridge to resolve the issue.

Error Code 50.4

Some of the HP LaserJet printer users are experiencing the problem of 50.4 Error Code due to power supply. If you are one of them who is facing this issue, then you only need to disconnect the printer from the UPS if it is connected. (A LaserJet printer should not attach to a UPS.)

A LaserJet printer can damage the UPS because it requires high power surges to keep the fuser assembly warm. To resolve this problem, you can plug it directly into the power socket.

HP Printer Picks Papers from the Wrong Paper Tray

When you click on print, but the printer starts to select the article from the wrong or empty paper tray instead of the expected one, then you can fix the problem with ease. First, you need to check if the PC is set on the right paper tray you want to make paper from. If you select the wrong paper tray, try to choose the right paper tray. Visit the ‘Tray Selection Source’ in Printer Properties. Now, check the Paper Tray. Make sure you are using the right paper size.

HP Printer Picks up All Papers from the Feed Tray

This problem occurs due to the difficulty in the pad, which separates the documents. The issue can’t repaired, so you only can replace the paper separating pad. Other because this problem comes out to be humidity. Due to the wetness of writing because of moisture, the papers stick to each other, and consequently, the printer picks more than one paper. Thus, always ensure that the papers are correctly dry before printing or stored in the dry place otherwise.

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HP brand does not require any introduction because it is one of the best brands for Computer systems and accessories. HP printers are the most reliable and most durable printers of all time. But still, like any other electronic equipment, they were not correctly protected from getting damaged or facing failures.

The latest versions and models of HP printers are even more sophisticated. You must always be prepare to meet more and more problems related to printing correctly. But whatever the question is, you cannot give up on it. If you can diagnose the problem by yourself, then it’s perfect. Otherwise, you need to call ‘HP Printer paper jam professionals’.

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