Frequently Asked Questions About HP OfficeJet 7612 Printer

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How to Reset HP OfficeJet 7612?

HP OfficeJet 7612
You might need to perform a factory reset if you are facing some hardware or HP OfficeJet7612 drivers or software related issues. Factory reset brings your printer’s customized settings back to default first came out of the box settings. Consider the below-mentioned steps to reset HP 7612 printer:

  1. Navigate to Setup, from the printer’s screen.
  2. Tap on the Tools option, and then on Restore Defaults.
  3. Again, tap on the Yes option.
  4. The printer will reboot.
  5. Once reboot, your printer will reset back to default factory restore settings.

How to Connect HP OfficeJet 7612 to WiFi?

To print wirelessly, you have to connect your OfficeJet7612 printer to the same local network to which other network devices are connected.

  1. Place your HP OfficeJet 7612 printer near to your home WiFi router.
  2. Turn on your printer and ensure that your ink cartridges are installed and loaded with paper.
  3. Connect your HP printer to your local home network.
  4. Select the Restore Network Settings.
  5. Select your home network SSID Name and enter the password.
  6. Select Wireless Setup Wizard and select your home WiFi network and re-enter the password.

How to Print A3 on HP OfficeJet 7612?

  1. Click on the Start button, and then click ‘Printers and Faxes’.
  2. Select the icon of your respective HP printer model.
  3. Click Server Properties.
  4. Select the Create a New Form check box.
  5. Under the Paper Size, enter the Height and Width into the text boxes.
  6. Hit on the Save button, and then click on the Close button.

How to Print 11×17 on HP 7612 Printer?

Before to print 11×17 sheets, you need to adjust print options. For that follow the underneath options:

  1. Open your document that you want to print via OfficeJet 7612.
  2. Click on the File option.
  3. Select Print.
  4. Click Properties.
  5. Hit on the Preferences button, and then select the Paper Quality tab.
  6. Select the 11×17 from the paper size drop-down menu.
  7. Click on the OK button.

How to Reinstall Printhead on OfficeJet 7612?

The following steps only should be performed if the HP OfficeJet 7612 printhead failed or missing message seen on your computer’s screen.

  1. Ensure that your printer is powered on.
  2. Open the ink cartridge access lid.
  3. Lift the latch handle.
  4. Remove the printhead, and then pull it out of the HP OfficeJet 7612 printer.
  5. Ensure the latch handle, and then reinsert the printhead.
  6. Carefully attach the latch handle.
  7. Close the ink cartridge door.

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